Sunday, May 1, 2011


They just released Calypso for Target. I went to Calypso yesterday and walked out dejected and feeling poor. Then I saw that a friend posted on FB they were releasing Calypso for Target TODAY. Love love love love.
I got this. And this.

Everything is cute. I am working on a new wardrobe. (as evidenced by my returning 2 items to the Loft yesterday and coming home with 4.)

We also went to the pool for the first time yesterday. It was cold. I also put on a swimsuit that fit in the past, wrangled myself into it (that wasn't pretty. I did not let anyone witness this), thought it looked ok, until I saw pictures. It was inappropriate. Apparently my bazooms have become the size of national geographic boobs. Not appropriate for a community pool. At all. My husBen failed to warn me of the situation. Epic fail that was not noticed until looking at the pictures. I would have talked about me. I would not have told my wife, "that looks great!"

Look how blissfully unaware I am as I "pat pat pat" the water.


Heidi Bruch said...

Dying. So awesome. I wish my boobs were that big. Since I quit nursing they have deflated to a ridiculous size...maybe a small B and that is generous. I was a D when nursing. I can't even fill a swimsuit out. Who am I kidding, I won't even out one on;) ps your little buddy is so cute with his pork chop hair.

A.B. said...

Oh Heidi (brook) I meant that my hair looks like I combed it with a pork chop in those other pics. Totally greasetastic.

Carol said...

As one who has generous boobs, I find that you should know, there are very very few swim suits that accommodate. I call most swim wear and bras at "regular" stores decorative for the little boobie people. You know, the ones who need to dress up their boobies to make them more exciting. : )