Wednesday, May 11, 2011

M-a-m-a How you think you got that way?

I know I'm not the only one. The one with unreasonably high expectations of holidays, birthday's, mother's day. I know this because I watch Bethenny Ever After on her 40th birthday where she talked about how she just couldn't be satisfied because you either do too much or you don't do enough. I'm not that extreme--but then again, I'm not taking over the world one low-cal margarita at a time. (I prefer to take over the world via intelligent sarcasm and pajama pants.)

My first mother's day. The only ever first mother's day I'll ever have. (Please set your mind to pity party--table for 1.) Ben was out of town (which is not a problem--just adds to my pity.) He gave me my gift the weekend before because we had finally had a weekend at home together. I drove up to see the fam (mom, dad, sis, BIL, Ell, and potentially Brooklyn. Brooklyn didn't show up though.) I also had some meetings while I was there. G was showered with love and attention from Glammy and Poppy. We went to the best mexican food place ever (where the margarita's are probably not low-cal but are rumored to be laced with everclear.) I had 2. We went to a friends Bday party (Cinco de Moser--complete with a mariachi band). I went to church with the 'rents came home and quickly ate, fed baby threw him in the car in hopes he would sleep on our drive back (about 3.5-4 hours). Husband told me Happy mother's day that morning--and that was it. So concluded my celebration complete with a child screaming in the car for 1.5 hours, me banging my head against the stearing wheel, feeling sorry for myself.

This day is supposed to be about MEEEEEE. MEEEEEEEEEE. MEEEEEEEEEEEE. I'm tired. I hate car trips with screaming children. They are hard to reason with... though I tried.
I guess in my high expectations I wanted my husband to keep telling me happy mother's day, what a great mom I am, and then list all of the ways that I am one, and all of the things I do around the house, and how we would live ina mess of dirty towels, diapers, dust, and dog hair if it weren't for me. (not that it should end there--it should also be mentioned that the first time I held our baby that he instantly knew that that is what I was meant for this.) Then the heavens would open up and petunia picklebottom would float on the wings of doves and land squarly in my hands and would be adorned with 2 carat diamond earrings. Oh, and a massage. And probably flowers. And probably some "just because" gifts for mother's day week. Something like that.

Ok, maybe just the telling me I'm a good mom and making me feel important without gifts would have been enough. (Though I don't mind a prezzie.)

So, there you have it. I'm self-centered like that. And needy. And need affirmation.

Then I feel guilty because I get to celebrate mother's day because I've been gifted with a baby. And that should be enough.

(and again... picasa won't let me move my pictures.)

Does anyone else (other than you bethenny--call me later) feel that way?

***Please note, my husband is actually pretty fabulous.


Carol said...

But that thumbprint charm is the cutest thing ever and I want one from each of my children! Where did he find that?

A.B. said...

here you go!

Jill said...

I am no mother first off, but I can feel your pain. For two birthdays in a row I got bupkiss for my birthday, we didn't even go out for a cocktail!

This year though, Bobaloo sent me some balloons at work and bought me an iPad 2!

While I loved all the spoiling I cannot help but think, how will he top this next year.

I think for the big 2-9 next year my mantra is going to be "expectation management, expectation management!"

Meg said...

Seeing that my best mother's day to date was being at work...I totally understand. Noone wants to actually be a mother on Mother's Day. Case closed.
And yes, as much as I love a shit*y handmade card...nothing says love like something expensive from Nordys:).