Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I'm changin' lives

One race at a time.  In October I will complete my FIFTH team in training event--The Nike Women's (1/2) Marathon.  I run to save lives.  I run in honor of those who have lost their battle.  I run so that other people don't have to cure cancer some day.  Lets do it now!

Please help me (or at least send a little encouragement for this out of shape mama!) by donating.  Even $5 will make a difference, then again, so will $2500... should you feel so inclined :)

Check out my fundraising page and be prepared for my out of shape stories, stories of chub rub, and needing to poo on the run.  (What, that doesn't happen to you?)


1 comment:

CDS said...

You are an inspiration A. :) Love you tons...hope you know that.