Saturday, May 14, 2011

Get into my bed.

I neeeeeeeeeeed your help, internetz.  (I added that z so I could seem gangsta.  It's one of my special skilz.  Skillz?  I'm unclear if skilz has one l or 2?)

Anyway, to prove my street-ness I need help on finding a duvet cover or maybe a quilt?  some sort of bed covering. (yes, we can all ignore the irony.  It was intended.  We also call sesame street "the street" because we are gangsta like that.)  Anyway, when we got our new bed we just kept using our old queen sized duvet which has been fine because you know, we had to do things like have a baby, buy new tires for my car, get a new roof, and other exciting items like a 2001 volvo station wagon--because try as he may, I will not let Ben put our child in the Jeep.  Even for the few miles to France's house.  I'm really uptight like that.  I simply INSIST my kid get in a car with doors and that doesn't cause shaken baby syndrome.

Anywho, I bought this today--but I'm just not sold.
With these shams.
But I also really like this, from Target.
I don't want to spend a trillion dollars.  (That is the semi-truth I also can't, but out of principle I will say that I don't want to.)  I like greens, greys, turquoises, brown--lets be honest, my entire house is mostly green and brown or turquoise and brown.  Whatever.  I want to paint our bedroom a light grey-ish blue color.  Perhaps Serena and Lily, or Dwell, or Amy Butler will create something for me.  



Courtneytcu98 said...

I think I like the Target quilt better. The other is very pretty but seems more like what you had before.

Elizabeth said...

I really like the Target one, too. It has more character. :)

CDS said...

Have to agree, I like the Target one more! Love! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Love them
Both. I've been lusting after top pic
Duvet. (west elm? A cheaper version of
Anthro's crowned crane...) anyhow. Keep em
Both. Rotate.

Deana said...


I have a plain yellow quilt from there with that sage green dust ruffle.

It totally makes me happy.