Monday, May 23, 2011

so you know how...

I like to complain about stupid things?  Like how my husband can sleep and I can't?  Or how Whole Foods has gone completely down hill?  Or how it's annoying when someone tries to walk in on me at work while I'm pumping?  Irrational, right?  I mean, whole foods--you are selling out (see you tomorrow, xoxo).  Though, safety in numbers, my sister can also get irrationally angry when her husband is sleeping in the middle of the night and she's up with the newborn.  I say it's a flaw in our genetics.  Whatever.  We have irrational anger about the sleeping, mouth noises, and entertain double standards.  You know, the ones where we are always right?  I mean, I'm not as right as my sister.  She is ALWAYS always right.  I'm just occasionally right.

But, since Ben is actually a better person than me I should let you know he's kind of fabulous.  I came home to a clean kitchen, he cleaned his side of the sink (thank you, Jesus), and he had purchased wine and fresh fruit.  Jackpot.  What more do I need than shells and cheese?  Nada.  And yes... he's away again.... every week since the last week of April.  Sigh.  Single parenting is tiring.

I'm also old because I didn't realize it was Memorial Day THIS weekend.  How did I not know that?  How do I not have plans for drinking on a lake somewhere?  I blame the 10 month old.  Though, no denying.  He's really cute.


Elizabeth said...

Please expand upon having different sides of the sink. You mean like in the kitchen? Or the bathroom? Color me intrigued.

A.B. said...

Wellllll We have a double vanity and so he has a sink and I have one. A long time ago I quit cleaning his side (clean line down the middle of the counter top) because I refuse to clean up face hair (ew!) It was kind of an experiment to see--does he not see dirt? or not recognize it?

When is the big day?!?!

Elizabeth said...

I love this and now officially aspire to a double vanity situation. Or better yet, a double bathroom situation so all filth is banished from my sight.

The big day is Oct. 15. I suppose I should do a wedding update on the ole blog-a-roo-ni, huh?