Thursday, July 28, 2011

Birthday tricks--and no, there weren't any hookers there.

Mostly, I wanted to use the word hookers in my blog title.  He didn't really do any tricks at his bday.  However, should youw ant to ooooo and ahhhh over the pictures.  Go here.  Or scroll down, whatevs.

So other than my baby being a genius (minus the thing where he eats like a dog with no hands off of his plate) he also isn't a huge fan of cake.  Or icing.  (I also do not love icing.  There.  I said it.)  Do you see that super cute party invite?  The one where I COMPLETELY forgot to put our address on it?  Luckily, everyone who came knew where we lived.  Maybe I was just subconsciously keeping all of you interwebs stalkers from coming to my house?  Yah... that's it.  You kids stay off my lawn!

Anyway, I bought the invite (digital image I had printed at costco for only $.12 a card!), the door hanger (which was originally a high chair banner that I gave a switcheroo with some hot glue) and the cupcake toppers all from this lady on etsy.  She was fabulous and amazing.  I totally plan on using Stylish Celebrations in the future. 

That ghetto cupcake stand?  As if you can't tell... I made it myself.  It's janky, but looked ok when you were distracted by the cupcakes--that I also made.  That blue icing just took a twirl in the mixer with some blue food coloring.  So what about the red?  We have a lot of red serving dishes and then I got some great red things on super sale.  I'm in love with the ceramic drink dispenser.  Red ribbon matched the invitation.  I lined our non mantled (ahem, Ben Black) area with some ribbon and then put up his month to month shots. 

The party favors that I forgot to hand out were mostly from the dollar section at target.  (I started collecting stuff a long time ago).  And that adorable smash cake?  Was from Paige's Bakehouse in Round Rock, Tx.  It was amazing and amazingly delish.  We had brisket, and Black Mac (mac n cheese), baked beans, bread, the kids had pbj, chicken and cheese sammies, and snack bags with cheerios and gold fish.  And there was some beer and wine.  Because lets be honest--Isn't this party about the fact that I've made it an ENTIRE YEAR?!?!  Kidding, it was a fabulous celebration of the G$.

The party was fun and a whirlwind.  I don't feel like I actually got to talk to anyone.  It was filled with laughter, and water games in the backyard, a little bit of sweat and a whole lotta love on that sweet baby (don't you dare call him a toddler) of mine.  (There are separate posts coming about ettiquite at work, a baby I found on the street (totally true), and his developmental milestones (that basically includes the words dadadadadada over and over again.)


CDS said...

G$ is the best. He's lucky to have you and boyfriend ben! :) xoxo

jill said...

im going the toddler route with this comment...when i took the fletch for his 1 yr check, at the end of the appt the dr told me to take my toddler home and enjoy him. i think i shed a few tears before i left the office. he will always be my baby.