Sunday, July 3, 2011

I'm going off the map.

Well, not technically.  Technically, I'm going to camp.  i will, however, be off the grid, and on a golf cart terrorizing young children.  Eating too much.  Having too many diet cokes, (not the roman coke variety... xoxo roman coke, I'll see you and your friend, the hydrating glass of white wine in a week) and generally avoiding being in the same outfits as high school girls.  Because, really, they win everytime.  Good for them I left my super short denim shorts behind.  Kidding.  I brought them.  Kidding.  I despise when I see girls in them.  I will be saying things like, "unroll your shorts.  are you making good choices?  please stop touching one another."  Those are constants in my high school friend world.

I'm leaving my baby for a WEEK.  A WEEK.  Well, ok, he'll probably come visit every other day, but still he isn't with me all the time.  Sad.  I'm going to make it though.  Breakdown from missing my baby?  soon.  It's coming friends.  It's coming. 

I'll be making inside jokes, sweating my face off, and laughing a lot.  It's pretty good times this camp world.  It's just not high on the internet grid. 


CDS said...

Have an amazing time!!! xoxo...I'll drink those Roman Cokes for you while you are gone. (BTW, I totally call them that now...may I add it to the Dubonics Dictionary?? Email me and let me know.)

Meg said...

Have fun!! Cant wait to hear all about it when you return! I wish I could type a fun witty comment here, but my brain is MUSH after spending all day with 6 children 4 and under....MUSH!

A.B. said...

OF COURSE you can use that term!

My brain is also mush. :)