Saturday, July 30, 2011

Burrrrr cold front

It's chilly today.  I mean, it's only in the mid 90's tonight so we ate dinner outside.  And said it was "nice."

We've clearly lost our effing minds if we consider that nice.  Whatever.

It's back to miserable this week with temps at 107.

Who is taking us in?  We come with baby, 2 dogs, a lot of jeans, and some vino.


Elizabeth said...

We will take you!!! Plenty of room. Yes, bring the baby and the dogs, too. And we have vino. And some liquor. It was a delightful 75 (maybe 80?) here today. Kept the windows open all morning, went to the park with the little one, etc. COME VISIT!!!!!!!!!!

A.B. said...

Score!! I'll bring all maternity wear. It will be like a coop :)

Jennifer said...

We were right there with you, went to play golf yesterday because it was only "95"...gotta love Texas!!