Friday, July 15, 2011

crib toys?

What keeps your child occupied in the mornings?  What do they love?  

We have a lovie that we LOVE, but looking for something to occupy for a little while when he wakes up in the AM. 

Ps.  IF you are going to lecture me on not having anything in his crib... please proceed to the next blog.


CDS said...

I throw in a book, some rattles and some "monkeys" that make sounds. :) ...I do this after I have fed her before I dress her so I can go get dressed and get her things ready to go.

Courtneytcu98 said...

I just put a few toys in when I needed to dry my hair and such. I didn't leave things in there when Ell was sleeping.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

So E sleeps with a blanket, two stuffed animals, a lovie, her paci, and a glowworm. Oops? There's also an aquarium in there. She'll spend a good thirty minutes in there just playing and turning the aquarium on and what not.

A.B. said...

Maybe if I put more in he'll sleep until 9 like E?

He plays in the pack n play when I need him to be contained. I was thinking about when he wakes up in the AM. We got him a glow thingy that plays music... which I kept hearing all night. Kinda creepy.

A.B. said...

Just FYI we got the soothing sounds seahorse (kinda like a glow worm) and he LOVES it!!!