Friday, July 15, 2011

Separation Anxiety.

My baby is one week shy of being ONE.  Being a TODDLER.  Maybe I should do an 11 month posting?  I'll try to do that this weekend.  He's cute, I'll tell you that much.  Yesterday he gota  big boy haircut--and took 2 steps.  And did the laundry.  wait, no... no one has done any laundry at my house in a week.  Whatevs.

So I took G$ to the doctor on Wednesday because he's not been napping well since we got home (from our week at camp, his week at Glammy and Poppy's.)  He wakes up from naps after only an hour, crying, he wakes up in the middle of the night, crying, he wakes up in the morning crying.  This is SO not normal for us.  So I thought perhaps he had a hidden ear infection or something?  No, she thinks it's separation anxiety. 

Problem--he doesn't mind daycare at all.  He reaches his arms out for Frances.  He doesn't always want to leave when I get there.  I'm not sure what to do.  I'm also in the process of weaning.  Which was going well.  He was nursing once in the morning and once at night--but in the middle of the night in the escalating tears and screaming--all I can think of... is that I have a magic boob.  What I'm fearful of is going back.  I don't want to reinstill that we answer every call.  He had JUST started sleeping through the night when we left.  When I try to look up what I'm supposed to do all I find are other parents in the same situation looking for answers.  So, what's the answer? 

So we are a tired household.  Tired baby.  Ttired mama.  Tired dada. 

Um, fix it? 


Elizabeth said...

They all go through little phases where they don't sleep or they don't eat or they're just ornery and mean. I know it sucks, but it probably won't last long. Do whatever you can to comfort him when it seems he needs comfort; and then when it seems like he's not really in need anymore, and just habitually asking for comfort, you can back off and let him be a big boy again. Our entire journey thus far has been two steps forward, one step back... Yesterday my sweet daughter slapped me in the face because she didn't want to get in the car after daycare. Yah. But we'll get through it, and so will you! Hang in there!

A.B. said...

Thanks Elizabeth. I need a little encouragement and mayeb a whole lotta coffee. Note to self... start drinking coffee.

We WILL get through it. (oh, and maternity stores I bought from-- due maternity, pickles and ice cream, nordstrom--always on sale.)

Elizabeth said...

Yah, coffee prob wouldn't hurt. :)

Thanks for the clothing suggestions!

Heidi Bruch said... sounds to me like he's overtired. Caroline wakes after her first sleep cycle ~40 minutes if she is overtired, then she either will/will not go back down depending on her state of over tiredness;) try putting him down a little works, I swear. You're doing great! All little spurts are just that-little when you look back on them but when your in them, you're like...what the hell!? Lots of finks happen with milestones....did he just start cruising? That could be it. Ok, rambling. He's a doll.