Thursday, July 21, 2011

a year ago today

Was my last day of work before maternity leave.  Well, forced maternity leave.  My LAST day was supposed to be on Friday.  I was going to have a week off until my due date.  A week of lounging, pedicures, lunch with friends, last minute shopping, eating ice cream and sno cones til my hearts content.  You know because the day before a year ago today (follow that one?) my doc said... no progress.  I don't think we'll see this baby for a little while. 

mostly Gone were my fears of my water breaking in my office chair, who would clean that up, who would drive me to the hospital? would I get a new chair? how would we get my car home?  What if I had my baby in the car and the only person there was someone who had said some snarky well meaning comment? I'd mostly gotten past that.  Instead my eye was on the prize.  The prize of lounging.  But by Wednesday afternoon I felt a little off.  I took off from work 15 minutes early.  I laid in bed.  Nothing sounded good to eat (for the second day in a row.)  I ate shlotzkey's.  I took a bath because I felt really crampy (and I read that baths can help.)  I went to bed around 9, woke up around midnight super crampy.  Ben was watching tv.  I walked around to relieve my "cramps" and ate a couple of bowls of cereal.  Went back to bed... "cramps" got worse...

and I'll leave it there, because that was a year ago TODAY.  And much like my friend Nikki's mom... I will tell and re-tell G this story on the day before his bday for forever.  I will stretch it out the entire two days.  I will remind him of my PLANS.  I had Plans. 

But mostly... how I didn't realize those were contractions is beyond me.  So maybe I'll keep that part to myself.  He'll think I'm not very smart soon enough.  He's just advanced, that Griffin Andrew Black.  I mean, he's walking.  Clearly, he's a genius.  He also loves electrical cords and puts rocks in his mouth so maybe the label of genius is a little premature.

Whatever.  He is mine and totally worth breaking a few lunch dates.


CDS said...

Awww...I know how you feel. I too had plans. I left that Friday for a lunch and told my staff I'd see them on Monday because I had things to do and people to see. Apparently the only person I'd be seeing was babykins who came on Saturday morning.Worth every broken meeting! xoxo

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I need to see birthday pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A.B. said...

Pictures posted for YOU.