Friday, July 29, 2011

I don't enjoy bumper stickers--in general.  Though the other day I did giggle when I saw a "screw it, lets go ride" harley davidson sticker on a minivan... but that was mostly as I was shaking my head at the irony.  However, maybe I'm wrong.  Maybe I WILL be that parent.  

Today G$ got his 1 year (and one week) shots.  All three of them.  Know what else?  My doc said he's "advanced."  Yep, she asked if he had 1 word.  I scoffed.  ONE word?  Try like 15-20.  He can also show you his toes.  She said, "what?  He can already do body parts?"  I thought about saying "of course" but really, it's only the toes.  He also does nothing on command so when she asked him to wave--he did nothing.  I'm sure she thinks I'm making it up.  BUT ADVANCED.  My baby (not toddler) is advanced!  So advanced that he refuses to give up nursing.  REFUSES.  Because, you know he knows everything already.  Basically, what this means is that me being dumb has come before I thought.  

And, you know how shots make most kids sleep a little more?  No, not mine.  No way.  Who needs to sleep?  Not this kid.  So we went to buy him some new big boy shoes.  Ummmmmmmmm when he can he start shopping at tjmaxx?  Apparently kid shoes are spensive... and they can wear them for THREE MONTHS.  THREE MONTHS.  (and by big boy shoes, I mean still super flexy soft shoes that are a little more rubberized than the robeez.)  Sigh.

So maybe I am that parent.  I'll be the "my kid is on the honor roll" parent.  In the minivan.  

Maybe I should start driving a harley.

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Shaina said...

check out the brand See Kai Run, my kiddo has lived in them since he graduated from his robeez. okay those and his converse...