Wednesday, July 20, 2011

you big ol' baby!!

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Go to the grocery store while you're growing up so fast.  Make yourself useful.  Or at least make mom a cocktail.  On that thought... lets just stick with the cocktail.  We'll send dad to the store.  

My big ol' baby is ONE in only two days.  WTH?  Just yesterday I had a baby.  That's why my clothes are all still snug, right?  It JUST happened?  Whatever.  I welcome these double chins (photoshop them out, please) and this squishy middle (can we bring back elastic?)  I'd do it all again tomorrow... except that whole pre-epidural hours of contractions thing.  We can leave that part out.  Actually, it's long enough ago that I'd consider no drugs.  Clearly, my mommy memory is faulty.

More pics!

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