Monday, March 5, 2012

Going vegan.

So my hair has been vegan for a while now.  Let me tell you, going vegan is not cheap.  My hair guy told me that it helps hold your color.  Which also costs a zill dollars so I'm like whatever.  Lets do it. And the purple one smells like the origin's store.  But I use this green one.  wait... maybe I use the pink one for shampoo and the green one for conditioner.  Whatever... I mean what kind of animal was I showering my hair in before?  Beef?  I hope it was a good steak.  I mean, like a celebration.  Anyway, I'm mostly meat free in my  hair products.

Basically, my skin and hair are too snobby for grocery store brands.  They like for me to peruse websites for fancy things and then purchase them at sephora and what nots.  however, how thrilled was I when I read a review from another body snob person for THIS product.

Loreal Everpure.  You know what's fancy?  ALLL of the smells are the same.  So you can mix and match and it's everything, and including steak, free.  It smells tasty.  It has a mask which my hair guy has also told me I need but I have somehow resisted as it alone costs like $50.  This one is like $6 per shampoo/conditioner.  Anyway, there is my product review.  

It was supposed to come out yesterday but my baby is super sicky and only needs mama starting at 1:30 last night.  Well, no, the mama thing started a few weeks ago (which I love in an exhausting way.)  Anyway, he's sick and has something with the term "herp" in it.  Like that one time that my mom thought I was going to have syphilis or that one time that I had shingles.  either way, he isn't on valtax, just heavy doses of tylenol and advils.  He has herpangina.  Sounds like a bad form of strep.  So with the house flood, staying in a hotel, having ceeement (that is a long ceeeeeeeement down here, y'all) floors in our bedroom, no baseboards, need new cabinets and everything G$ is sicko's.  his fever makes my face hot and burny just thinking about him.  He's very sad.

We spent most of our day like this.


CDS said...

You scared me with the vegan thing! ...hope G$ feels better. xoxo

A.B. said...

oh hells no, Ceci. Cheese is next to godliness.

Carol said...

I use that Loreal EverPure stuff and its bueno! I thought it was good because it didn't have...something or other in it, sulfate? Isn't that bad for color?