Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The point at which I turned crazy...

Well, the point at which I realized my crazy today.  G$ is sickers.  He only wants me.  And to be 3 inches from me.  And nap in my bed.  while I hold him.  And watch yee-yah (Olivia) and pat pat (Little Einstein's.)  I haven't slept a lot in the past few days.  It's like going back to the newborn stage only no one brings you food and I don't have the rule of having to shower everyday.  So you know, there's that.

Now let me tell you I haven't had time to put on deodorant because that takes me two hands.  I did brush my teeth and put in contacts.  Still wearing what I slept in last night and I look like I was raised by feral cats.  You know, not the nice ones.  My hair is a rats nest and I'll probably grow out some claws and no one has taken care of my facial hair.  I'm also hosting a fundraiser tomorrow which I've done NOTHING for.  Um, give me money and forgiveness.

Now for the crazy thoughts.  Which were actualized when I texted my sister (please do not take offense by this, peoples... they are just observations.)

Annie, from Little Einstein's, her parents should have gotten her a helmet.  And, her friends need to stop leading her on about her singing and song writing abilities.  Soon she is going to be on American Idol outtakes as a crazy loon who really doesn't know that she is THAT bad.  It will come as a complete surprise.  Just sayin'.

What I do like is that all of the kids can say their R's.  I really don't like when characters on tv shows for children can't say their R's.  My sister, the speech pathologist, assures me that there isn't a problem with this.  However... she may also be crazy because, I present to you, text message number 2--which she PARTICIPATED in.

I think that Olivia's grandmother was probably a single mom.  They never talk about grandpa.  She tells me I need to get out of the house asap and have an adult conversation and then says... "maybe she's a widow?"  I say no... I don't think so.  She is a strong independent woman.

Crazy.  This happened.  In my life.

My child also took the hugest poo today which required an immediate bath, garment change, and load of laundry.

Basically my life is full of rainbows and tears.


Sarah K said...

I'm with ya on the cartoons who can't pronounce their "r's" or have lisps. Drives me nuts listening to Ming Ming on Wonder Pets.

But for some reason when my 4 year old uses "w's" for "l's" it is insanely adorable. Biased much? ;)

(Stalker thru Loosy and Meg). ;)

A.B. said...

As a stalker you'll know I've looked better.

YES, real life children are adorable (except sometimes on sesame street.) But puwplwww so cute!

I cannot watch the wonder pets because of ming ming. Make-a-me-insanely-crazy

CDS said...

I was watching that show with the animal pet friends and the duck doesn't pronounce its Rs...irked me.

Kristi Thomsen said...

Haven't had the joy of watching the Little Einstein's but we are huge Olivia fans in this house. Despite the fact that her favorite color is, gasp....red!
I know how you feel with a sick little one, that has been my life since she started preschool in September. Honestly she has missed at least 1/3 of the days due to being sick and she is on track to miss this entire week. I love paying for...germs.
Wishing our little ones a speedy recovery,we need it!

Jenny said...

Sorry you are crazy and dirty. The joys of parenting?

Perfectly Imperfect said...

this post scared me a little. get out and have a drink girl!