Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Product review monday, that is inevitably on Tuesday and this week was going to be on Wednesday until my sister called me out for my blogging hiatus.

I've joined the revolution.  

The crockpot revolution.  I've made 2 meals this week and have 2 more planned.  Y'all, I'm like Martha Stewart up in this bitch.  Only I can't fold a fitted sheet to save my life--does that make me anti part of the revolution?  I think Che is probably very disappointed.,.Tracy Chapman?  Well, she was just talking about it.

Sooo, less like the revolution and more like I'm a single mom (for a few days) and meal planning my life away.  I couldn't like it more unless it came with a year supply of clorox wipes.  I also read and recited an article to Ben about how you should cook on a lower temperature on the 'pot and he was all uh huh uh huh... placating my neuroses.

What I need are like three crockpots so I don't have to clean and use them asap.  I'm lazyballs.

Week run down.

Monday--Chicken enchiladas.  I made up the recipe and it is DERICIOUS.  Emails me for the 'pe.  especially you Meg.  I had a dream about all of my northwesterner friends and about how I thought we were all the same height only to meet in real person and find I'm a short troll.  It was storming.  I can't control the crazy, but this morning at 4 AM it seemed imperative that I remember this dream.  I was maybe also going to some sort of rehab for stealing something and taking G with me?  It was at a camp.  On a lake.

I should start stealing.  Wow.  Courtney, this is why there is a hiatus.

Tuesday--Applesauce Chicken with couscous.  I was feeling especially domestic and made my own applesauce.  I told Ben this and he asked me what I made it out of... at which point, sarcastic jumped in and said, apples.  Apparently, that wasn't what he was really asking.

Wednesday--Probably left over enchi's.  Benoblack is in Wiscahnsin.

Thursday--Quinoa Salad

Friday--pesto chicken with sweet potatoes

I do most of the meal planning.  Ben does most of the cooking (and cleaning of the kitchen.)  Because my child is my spitting, running in the street, knife wielding self, it is easier to do this crockpot business.  And because food is READY when he is ready to eat and I'm not making 2 meals (and by 2 I usually just mean one because I'm making his, but this makes me sound more virtuous.)  I mentioned to the moomsy how her precious grandchild ran away towards the street giggling.  She laughed hysterically and told me to apologize to Ben everyday for my genes.

And that is product review Monday (tuesday which will sometimes be wednesday... oh, and the product I'm reviewing is the crockpot...which I'm for, but would be more for if someone else cleaned it.)


Courtneytcu98 said...

One thing: crockpot liners. They will change your life.

Jill said...

I was going to leave the same comment that Courtney did. You have to try the crockpot liners. They're genius - especially when making queso :)

Meg said...

5 runs toward the street giggling like a maniac. When I yell at him to stop, he laughs harder and louder.

CDS said...

I had been missing you!!! :) xoxo

A.B. said...

This clearly means i need more queso. AND crockpot liners! How life changing! I wonder how many trips to the store it will take me to remember them?

That quinoa recipe? not life changing.