Monday, March 26, 2012

A spectator sport.

This morning was the cap10k.  The 5th largest 10k in the US (so they say... in the newspaper.)  The Dr. Ben Black ran this morning.  He's been training for this one (minus the weeks off for traveling, house flooding, etc etc.)  It was a BEAUTIFUL day.

G$ and I made it to mile 2.5 and got to see the beginning of the race, which was unclear to me as to why some guy was driving a convertible, but whatevs.  Maybe he wanted to feel the wind in his bald head like the very first runner?  Not sure.  We cheered.  The guy next to us was saying that there was a water stop up ahead.  To the elites... at which point he looked at me and said, I guess they don't really care about that, huh?  nope.  They don't.  I told Griffin to look for Dada.  He is in a green shirt.

Every.  Green.  Shirt.  DADA!  GREEN SHIRT!  But we finally saw him.  He kissed us.  Sweatily.
Apparently he saw us first.  Cut some guy off.  Apologized later.  The guy accepted on the account he was kissing his kid.  We've been yelling "GO RUNNERS" all day.  

We tried to surprise the Ben Black at the finish line,but he was too fast for us.  I knew this because I saw a guy in a full out wizard outfit, complete with beard, who was like 10 mins behind.  I did not see the girl who was vomiting at mile 2.5 again.  Then again... she didn't have a beard so she was hard to spot.  
Look how fast dada is!  SO many people still running.


Coffee at Jo's after the race.   

Hollywood.  With a nana.  Or as he now says... neena.

It's cool.  I'm recovering from all of the cheering.


Dada, I gotsta hydrate.  It was a tough morning.

I guess you ran today... I suppose you can have some.  for now.  Until it's back to me.

So it strikes me odd that races are such spectator sports.  There were people coming down with their lawn chairs when G and I first posted up.  It's both weird and I love it.  What a nice way to spend a lovely morning.  Watching other people workout.

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