Monday, March 26, 2012

It's too late now.

I was obsessed with some blue pants.  Obsessed.  OBSESSED.  I tried them on multiple times.  Were they cute?  Eh?  Probably not.  Which is why I kept not buying them.  I'm not made for anything tapered.  Girls got hips.  But BLUE PANTS y'all.  blue pants.  That are comfortable.  I look awful in them.  My legs look shorter than normal.  But I've worn them.  To the Hunger Games.  Someone could have taken me out in that shiz.  Thank goodness I made some alliances.

 Do you see how clean my grout is?  Or are you more focused on my guns?

 I thought jazz hands might distract from my "curves."

I was wrong.
You win some you lose some.

And yes, it IS that hot to wear sleeveless.  sigh.


Sarah K said...

I'm fully supporting your blue pants purchase. They are super cute! I will also confess that I have purchased a pair of red and pale yellow for myself. When I first wore the red ones, my husband said, "Wow. That's quite an outfit." (And I'm pretty confident it wasn't a compliment). He never comments on anything I wear. Bam! Red pants. That's all it takes!

A.B. said...

Sarah, I asked the sales girl what she thought and her response was not encouraging, and probably involved a "bless her heart" at the end of it. She said, "Well, I tried them on multiple times and realized that because I have hips I can't wear them..."

BLUE (red, or pale yellow) pants. I think we win. Whatever :)

CDS said...

Did you say where they are from? I want me. xoxo

A.B. said...

Gap! AND vanity sized. Which is like my heaven.