Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Product review Monday

I know that you are probably shocked and amazed, that with all of the fame that having over ONE HUNDRED followers, I still occasionally clean my own house.  I know, I haven't let the fame get to my head like so many do.  I'm basically a woman of virtue.  (please note, that I would love to have someone else clean my house, but instead choose to flood it and buy things for myself that make me look cute.  And for myself, I mean for the little person who lives with us.)  Anyway, because I'm so virtuous I have a product to review for you--as I just tried to assassinate myself in my shower/tub tiled hotmess combo.  Hotmess because I need to get at it more often.  I'm just being truthful.  Grout.  I hate you.  I also just made you my bitch.

Clorox Bleach Foamer.  Now be careful where you use this because it will BLEACH YOUR SHIZ.  Including your grout.

Now as you know, I like to be conscious of the environment and cleaning products etc.  I don't like for G to be around them.  You know, so he gets all of the expensive organic stuff.  Anyway, so I just coughed myself into a break because I deodorized and sanitized my lungs too.

I'm out of powder.  Since I vegetarinally wash my hair, I'm also using mineral makeup.  mostly.  sometimes.  I was using pure powder/  Or maybe it's pur?  Or maybe that is a water filter?  Now (in the last 2 days) I've been using the benefit hello flawless.  So far, I'm in.  I can't tell a huge difference.  It was also like... flooding on the day I went to sephora, and therefore, I was the only easy patron in the joint and so got LOTS of attention.  She also suggested this BB Cream from Too Faced.  Then, last night, I read my Real Simple from like two months ago and saw that such creams are all.  the.  rage.  It's ok?  I can't really tell a difference between that and a tinted moisturizer.

I'm also using a clay blush from Tarte.  It's supposed to last 12 hours, which I'm going to call bull shit on, but I like it.  I was using the Nars, but G broke it and I've been using the last 3 remaining pieces for a long time.  It's time.  It was raining.  I needed something.

My lungs are still (5 hours later) burning from the clorox.  Perhaps you shouldn't use it for that long... but my OCD is so so happy with the state of the grout.


CDS said...

OOoo I like the sound of the foam!!! :)

A.B. said...

Girl. It's amazing.

Meg said...

You are kind of bigtime. Now get over here and clean my house.

A.B. said...

Meg, where'd ya get all those beers in the dry-est happiest place on earth? And who are those random young girls with you?

Come do a race here. or meet me in san diego for one in June