Thursday, March 1, 2012

Things I know *aka reasons I haven't posted a 19 month update

(there are no pictures currently due to the fml event of 2012)

19 months.  Words I judge.  I say "a year and a half or almost 2" to normal people.  But, internetz, you are not normal people.  You are mostly people I've never met.

So after the FML episode that has involved us moving into a hotel with a one year old and a small dog I'm finally posting.  Sorry bout that.

at 19 months you have adequately learned to have opinions.  You get MAD when we take something away from you, but you easily move on to something else.  For one minute.  Then onto something else for one minute.  Then onto something else for 45 seconds.  You've started working on your fitness by joining the Little Gym.  Swinging on the bar?  Hells yes.

You love a school bus and a truck.  You call a school bus a "bah-bee."  So I have to be on the lookout because sometimes I forget what you're saying.  Before the FML event we went to a chili cookoff at a winery and there was a school bus there and you gave it a kiss.  You also want to kiss the birds.  I remind you that they will peck your face off and have the flu.

Before we leave Mrs. Frances' house you need to hug and kiss your friends.  You walk around saying, "a hu-o, a hu-o (hug)" and "mmmmmmmmmm" because that's the sounds we make when we give kisses.

You test your limits.  You climb.  Everything.  You are danger.  We have an elmo ice pack that you don't really like but you know if you hurt yourself that you cry for "melmo."

You are in a massive mama phase.  It is both exhausting and amazing.  You love bubbles.  Sitting on the potty.  Jumping.  Flowers.  Picking them.  Blowing on them.  Pointing out bee's.  When you are doing something you aren't supposed to and I ask if it's a good choice you say, "no" and then smile really really big.  Which usually makes me laugh.  I know, I'm a parenting books worst nightmare.

You are sweet.  I say I love you SO MUCH and you say "sssssssmuch."  You see things I don't see (not just dirt on the ground.)  everything.  You think that we go to whole foods only to look at the fish in an aquarium and eat cheese.

I think you are kind of amazing and totally advanced.  And a complete mess.

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