Monday, June 25, 2012

Almost 2.

Griffin is almost 2.  23 months.  And no one has planned his birthday party.  Another story for another time.  Because SOMEONE tried to plan but someone else got in the way.

You are a mess.  I spend my days making sure that you make it.  It's exhausting.  You make up for it with lots of sweet smiles and hugs.  You even give devilish sweet smiles when you do something you aren't supposed to.  You do not like the banana strings.  You give them to me.  You like original lambie the best.  You say blanket and it sounds like bunt cake.  You ask where everyone went.  You ask, "where mama go?" when I standing there with you.  I made your day when I bought you a new toothbrush as a surprise.  You terrorize Gizmo (ta-ta.)  Daily.  You love him.  You love to say "no" to him and wave your arm.  You love big trucks.  Tractors.  Firetrucks.  You got 99% of the time.  You LOVE a snack  You would love to eat snacks for all meals.  mostly applesauce and gummies.  You want a "bite of coke."  I'm counting down the days until you climb out of bed. You are happy.  You say things like, "You guys siddy.  Biffin siddy, too."  Everything is "too."  You love Dad.  Until the minute it's time to go to bed.  You pretend to call people on the phone.  You can work the computer.  And my iphone.  You still love driving.  You like to go "unner."  You like to go under the covers.  Play peekaboo.  You love your bath.  You want the water to be green.  You pick out your shoes.  You say "swim-soup."  Your hair is wild.  WILD.  You like to  cheers my glass during dinner.  You make me giggle.  Your favorite book is the truck book and The Very Busy Spider.  You say cockapoo for cockadoodledoo.  You sing your ABC's.  You sing You are my sunshine--and ask for more.  Your favorite part of twinkle twinkle is to sing "up above."  You like to yell, "GO RUNNERS" when we see people running.  You say, "mama's a runner."  You say, "I hear meemic" when you hear music.  You can point out shapes and colors.  you like watching "team umizoomi."  You share.  You say please and thank you.  That makes me the most proud.  You call me "mama" and say it after lots of sentences.  "I like it too, mama!"

I love you.  More than anything.  Ever.  I can't fathom loving anyone more than I love you.  I'm pretty sure it's impossible.  And you're cute.  So that helps with the messiness.


Heidi Bruch said...

Obsessed with the one of you two and the hot dog. S many of these things are similar to Caroline-I love hearing about your little man. We like the "up above" in twinkle, too. He's darling-almost two! And ps-you can love another-so get on it!

CDS said...

Goodness you are the best mom ever and he is the best kid in the world...with a penis! :)

A.B. said...

Heidi, you write things about Caroline and I always think ME TOO. They are funny funny funny.

C-you's the bestest. He sends his love to Mini

jill said...

love the watermelon pictures. maybe just the face he's making. anyway, cute kid!