Tuesday, June 12, 2012


So I've stolen these 2 posts.

The first my seester sent me.  She said that this girl and I have similar reasoning which I find to be completely preposterous.  I mean... as if I'm THAT neurotic?  (I am.) Or as if I would wear a head lamp to bed?  (I would.)  Ok, so the ridiculous part is that clearly my husband is awake after me and HE needs the head lamp.  Though I used to wear one when drinking in college because well... it was a head lamp.

Also, there is my irrational fear of random catastrophic things like SARS.

And then there is this one.  which I think is well written... because I think parenthood--especially momhood is hard.  I also get irrationally angry when people pretend that unicorns and rainbows shoot out of their arses and that life is perfect and all is lovely and nothing ever ever goes wrong.  because, well... that's not real life.  Unless you are on a hallucination trip (is that a thing?) and you really DO have rainbows and unicorns coming out of your ass... at which point I think that turns scary and you're probably losing your shit and way more neurotic than me and with a slightly less positive outlook.

So what I'm saying is... drop some acid and wear a headlamp.

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Sarah K said...

True dat. By 9:30 tonight, Eli had pulled off his diaper twice b/c it was "wet." By 9:33 (and two sheet changes later) I was ready for my second adult beverage. By 9:35, I was wishing rainbows were shooting out of E's ass.