Thursday, June 28, 2012

Think back one year ago

The party was planned.  I'd had the invitations for months.  Lets be honest, I probably already had my house decorated and the party table set up with the bowls exactly where I thought they should be and I was ready.  READY for that first birthday party that was at our house.  The one that had a million people.  And a full house.  And magnum bottles of wine.  And intoxicated friends.  And a tired mama.  And it was hot.  And I was SO ORGANIZED.

Yah, well fast forward one year and you know what?  I just booked a place today.  That isn't my house.  And requires zero decorations.  And wine after the party.  And isn't at my house.  Have I mentioned that it isn't at my house?

It's at this gym.  It's an amazing deal.  It's 1.5 hours.  DURING NAP TIME.  EFffffffffffffffffffff. So the place is ridiculous (but $100 cheaper than the little gym--and not at my house, mind you.)  However, they are dumb.  And make me want to be ugly.  They have party times at 1:30.  3:30 and 5:30.  I called over a month ago, requesting 3:30.  PERFECT.  Except, they only book in order.  So someone else would have to book the 1:30 first.  What the what?  I said as much to the lady and I asked her to pencil us in.  Called last week.  No one.

Called today and decided to give in.  When she stupidly told me that someone else called about the 3:30 and was really hoping I'd take the 1:30.  This makes me irrationally angry and hateful to whoever that lack of planning mom is!  mama bear.  unleashed.

I hope these kids are awful.

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Helen Hopkins said...

That gym's rules are stupid! If you called first for the 3:30 you should get preference. We could stick around for the 3:30 and give lots of sugar to their children. Of course by then you will be worn out because your child did not get a nap...dumb, dumber and d-u-m dumb thinking on their part