Thursday, June 28, 2012

Home alone and NOT eating cereal.

Ben is gone and I've actually made dinner--not just relying on my old standby of honeynut cheerios (organic, duh.)

Tonight I made this. Bacon, fig and goat cheese pizza's.  Now, keep in mind... I fried the bacon so perhaps my weight watchers numbers are a bit off.  I also used fig preserves instead of figs.  I should have put that on before the goat cheese.  And I cooked it too long.  And the arugula was amazing.  And I forgot about my honey and balsamic vinegar concoction  while it was heating up.  Because I was reading blogs.  In a quiet house.  

It's delish.  I totally recommend.  

(also note, that if you buy the pepper bacon as I normally do, your child may gag at the spicyness.)


CDS said...

That sounds yummers! xoxo

Sarah K said...

Do you deliver?

A.B. said...

Heck yes. But not far since my child can only be entertained for so long. However, I'm VERY good at drinking wine and watching SYTYCD. And other hideous tv.

Shaina said...

I heart SYTYCD, I have a couple on DVR and I am seriously considering saving them for when the babe gets here. I will cruise through my saved shows in no time!