Wednesday, June 27, 2012

It's full.

My iphone.  I can't take any more pictures or videos.  which is ANNOYING AS ANYTHING.  You know what I realized as I started deleting pictures?  I take a lot of dumb ones.  You know what I continually take pictures of?  My afternoon drinks.  Or any time G sleeps in the car.  Which is never.  So like 5 pictures of that.

So I like to text to people to cheers them.  Usually other moms who I know are home at 3 pm-ish.  You know, as like inspiration.  For day drinking.


Want in on the party?  Let me know your digits via email.  obvis.


CDS said...

Cheers! I love it...put me on your list. xoxo

Jill said...

I do the same thing! I think when said cocktails are being had, I think to myself "I am in the moment and this is art." Later when the momement is over I realize, nope. Not art. Just evidence of my tomfoolery.

Happy Friday!

jill said...

awesome! i do the same, but my photos go on fb, because i know more people look there to see what others are doing while they're waiting for 5oclock...not me bitches...i'm usually on #3 and don't care that my kids are eating dirt by then.

A.B. said...

He's totally cute. And that is his new "cheese" face. Which is awesome.