Monday, June 11, 2012

Just breathe.

Imagine me saying that all Drew Barrymore style in whatever that cheese balls movie was (Everafter?  I refuse to google because I'm above that.)  The one where she is all sparkly?  Just After?  Something?  Restricting my google searching....

I've been battling breathing probs for the last few months.  I will tell you that 100 degree weather does not help.  Getting to San Diego?  A breath of fresh cold air.  I am not sure I can get enough.  To top it off?  I traveled with some tie dyed lovelies.  Some of us came early, some of us came late.  The majority of us traveled together.  For Ruben.  It was actually his birthday.

I won't lie that a lot of airport patrons looked at us like we were part of some sort of high school team... yet, clearly older.

You know what else?  We won an award.  Well, maybe a couple.  One of them though... involved a research grant in Ruben's name.  It was kind of a big deal.  The 2500 TNT participants of the San Diego RNR raised over 7.3 million dollars.  MILLION.  In the name of cancer.  Finding a cure.

We're kind of a big deal.  That total is much higher now.

Jen, Ruben's wife, was also the second highest fundraiser.  I got to spend a good amount of time with her this weekend.  And got to hear more about her and Ruben.  And how they knew one another for three years before he passed.  

All I kept thinking was how I met my husband at age 18.  you know what else?  He's like my entire life.  We don't really have separate lives.  So everyone I know, knows us.  And then I think, it isn't fair.  That their love affair is less than we have even been married.  

So I'll continue.  Not because this is my story.   but because it's not.  And because it shouldn't be anyone's.  You know what else?  Because it IS someone's story, and hopefully it won't be someone else's.  


jill said...

good for you and team ruben! this made me smile big!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

it was ever after. but let's pretend i don't know that.

A.B. said...

Girl, I just remember she was super sparkly and I desire to be that sparkly at some point. All time low? Or all time high :)


CDS said...

Few are amazing. It was Ever After...I own the movie. is someone's story and you are narrating it beautifully with your work. xoxo