Tuesday, June 19, 2012


So you think you're famous.

Remember when you starting reading my blog?  And you were all... wow, this girl is totally going to be famous if she can figure out spell check and how to get her life together?  And how you wouldn't be surprised if I was in a fashion blog and featured as amazing--and really fit--and really thin.  And you probably wanted me to have your babies because I mean, why not, great genes and I don't have hips and my body will bounce back like a high schooler.  And that I probably wouldn't  and have an almost 2 year old who would make me want to google "how to deal with a toddler who is losing his shit and making me drink during business hours."... then after business hours and he would totally not wake up in the middle of the night randomly screaming for NO REASON.

And then you were all yah, she'd totally be famous, but in a down to earth kind of way.

Except that I kept forgetting to blog?

And I was out of town for one night (excuses) and I drove back home today and was home with the hubs for one hour before he had to leave for the airport and so I'm single momming it (aka drinking wine alone.)

but that really doesn't make up for being a slacker.  So here are some father's day pictures.


CDS said...

This is WHY I need to chalk board my kitchen door! I love these pictures!

A.B. said...

You do! It's super fun. I've now learned that you should sand, pre-painting.