Thursday, June 21, 2012


I have become aware that the only thing holding me back from being on So you think you can dance dance dance is my dislike and refusal of a camel toe.  Why do dancers appear to love this?  The other thing I notice is that I'm not really comfortable with dancing in a tiny bra.  Well, and I don't have a 6 pack.  And I really love wearing flats.

Well, and I'm not in my early 20's.  And all of my dance moves are of a cheerleader from the early to late 90's.  So I'd probably make it to vegas, but then fail once I got to choreography, except they would have totally been impressed by my group dance scene moves (ps.  group dance scene is required at my funeral) so they probably would have kept me.  

But mostly, I think I wouldn't make it because of the camel toe thing.  And my lack of bra dancing.  

But mostly the CT. 


NickandKatieAdams said...

Love this and love that show.
I was just asking Nick why they think those one piece suits are attractive.
I think the belly dancer is going to go far.

A.B. said...

The belly dancer is ah-mazing. So are those 2 ballroom girls. Espesh that one with the big bazoomba's who looks both 12 and 28!