Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Eerrr day I'm hus-hus-hustlin'

This is what it feels like. It also feels like maybe I should be on some ADD meds so that my brain can continue to function on a somewhat normal level. Things I cannot seem to keep track of—groceries. Feeding my toddler healthy snacks. Work. New job responsibilities. Finishing up camp in my mind and moving on to next year. Birthday parties. Swimming lessons. Children who wake up at 6 AM even though their alarm clock does not turn green until 7. Single parenting. Not running errands until children are asleep. Birthday presents. Hosting people at my house this weekend. Cleaning. Dog grooming. The fact that my “special events” I’ve done with my toddler in the last 4 months include… grocery shopping. Big times with mom, right?

First. World. Problems.

My head is tired. I’m not cut out to be a high powered CEO. I think I'm more of a below management barely getting by kinda person.  The one who lays low.  Doesn't make a fuss.

I’m whiney. And tired. And need like 3 days to get my life in order. Semi-order. Maybe even shower and fix my hair.

Who in their right mind has a party at 10 am on a Saturday? With a husband who is gone the entire morning prior to that? Was out of the country prior to that? Is taking her kid to swimming lessons in the evenings the week of? WHO? Probably someone who had a baby in the end of July in Texas.

Thinking mimosa’s may be necessary for this event. Classy?

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CDS said...

We ALWAYS serve mimosas at our kids (ie. my girl and my nieces) birthday parties...ALWAYS!