Tuesday, July 23, 2013

G is Three.

My baby is three.  THREE.  That is big kid stuff.  I know this because I looked back at his pictures from last year when he turned 2 and he was such a baby.  My baby.  My first baby.  The baby who was born on July 22, 2010.  who weighed 6.11 lbs.  Who is now 31 lbs and verbal beyond belief.  Um, lets slow that down.

My Griffin is funny.  He's sweet.  He is creative.  Most importantly, he is compassionate.  Sweet.  Generous.  Has a massive temper at bed time.  Is starting to talk back.  Is strong willed.  Loves his family.  Pretend talks on the phone.  LOVE love LOVES trains.  Loves to be busy.  Loves for his daddy to swing him.  does NOT love swimming lessons.  Is the best big brother.  Likes to play in our bed and "hide" in the pillows.  is a climber.  a talker.  starts every sentence with "mommy."  Super observant.  He can wear me down and build me up all at once.  Doesn't yet realize that if he wants to snuggle at bed time I'll probably never leave.  Loves to have his toe nails painted.  his favorite color is purple.  He likes to watch thomas.  He likes corn on the cob.  his favorite food is yogurt.  He knows his shapes, can count, knows all of his letters, has memorized a ton of books and corrects us if we get them long.  Loves a book that is awful and long and told me he "likes it because it's the longest."  When I tell him I love him more than anything in the world, he tells me "I love YOU anything in the world."  and he leaves out the "more."  It isn't essential.  I love it.  He can seem so big and so little all at once.  

I wouldn't trade him for anything.  He is my love bug.  My Pookie Poo.  My G$.  My ever loving world.  If I didn't have to lock him in his room at nap and bed times I'd keep him this age forever.

Now... a shiz ton of pictures.  

my boy, party favors, and some hand in the pocket.

baby brudder


train food. cupcakes.  hand sanitizer.

Mrs. Frances.  The light of the party.

Brookie Claire.

neenee.  ell.  bc.

observing the bounce house set up.

inside the bounce house.

party favors of train hats and whistles.  I wish I had a hearing aid I could turn off.

glam.  kell kell.  meyer and g$

G and Tabo (his great grandmother.)

fuzzy puzzle.

His BEST Mr. T impersonation.

Poppy, ell and g

G, the pants less wonder.  Not his favorite article of clothing.

Elton John

the big boy bike

On birthdays, cupcakes become breakfast muffins.  We eat icing for breakfast at 6:45.

Dis cake is just for me.

happy bday, buddy.

pretty excited.

all before 7 am.

evening icing.

I love you.  lots.  From your head to your toes.  To the moon and back.  XOXO, mama


CDS said...

Oh how I love this child! Happy Birthday G$!! Your "pretty excited" picture is the stuff smiles are made of!

Deana said...

Gorgeous and magical and wonderful. Thanks for being such a good mommy, Little Sister.

Love you.

A.B. said...

CDS and Deaner-thank you! He is mostly amazing.