Monday, July 15, 2013

He'll be three in ONE week.

Today G went for his 3 year well child visit.  The one that I had to interrupt his nap for.  Therefore, he was... pleasant?  He was fixated.  On a sucker.

He is a happy healthy almost 3 year old.  He weighs 31.5 lbs. and is 37.5 inches.  He invited the dr. to his birthday party.  He held his brothers hand when he got his 4 month shots.  He also went to his first swimming lesson and loved it.  He exhausted me this afternoon.  I considered donating him once.  But then, how could I ever part with this face?  And giving me kisses on my cheeks and saying, "those kisses are mine, mama."  I can't.  I'll keep him.  He's pretty much perfection.

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