Thursday, July 25, 2013


I need one.  So I'm semi planning one.  To seattle.  Or Portland.  TBD on cheaper flights.  So far I've found an awesome flight from ATX to Seattle that's DIRECT.  HOLLA!

But, where do you stay once you are there?  I desire somewhere that we can walk/take public transportation if needed.  That's useful in other states, right?  (not in the south.)  What do you see?  Where do you eat?  What are the non touristy places to be?  What are the touristy places?  Who's going to watch these pesky kids here?

What is the weather in October?  TELL ME I NEED JACKETS.  Oct. 20's-ish.  Cold?  Too cold?  Rainy?


Elizabeth said...

Yes! Come to the PNW. You will need a jacket. With a hood, because it might rain the whole time. There are a million downtown hotels and you can walk to everything and it's fabulous. The whole place is non-touristy once the cruise ships leave at the end of the summer. :)

CDS said...

WE stayed at the Monaco Hotel in Seattle when we were there last summer and it was perfectly located. We walked abd bused everywhere...I fell in LOVE LOVE LOVE with the city. I was also in Portland, it was nice...but no Seattle.

Shaina said...

Text me ASAP! You know I have all the deets for you! Jacket, hoodies, boots you will live it! Fall is the best!

A.B. said...

Can't wait friends!!!!