Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lunchroom Convo

As noted... I hear some ridiculous things at work.  I think I've zoned out so I hear less now than I used to... and people aren't as invasive when you aren't pregnant, apparently.  I also am choosing to pump on the floor inside an unused office because even though it has a lot of windows it also has a lock on the door.  Our HR person is astounded that I would choose to sit on the floor behind a desk instead of in the general supply closet with a rolling door and no lock.  Whatever. 

So I wa sin the kitchen earlier this week and heard this convo between two colleagues--one has celiacs (so she says) and the other is obsessed with eating healthfully.  Both are skinny bitches.  (term of endearment)

Girl one--I mean, I think that I just don't weigh very much because I started not drinking soda in high school.  Then I cut out fast food.  Then I cut out x.  Then I quit eating very much. 

Girl two-Yah, I mean, I just have a hard time gaining weight.  I'll do ok if I'm super working out, but as soon as I stop it all disappears.

Girl one--I KNOW.  I mean, I'll work out and finally have a booty and the next day it's gone.  I typically only eat 45% of what is on my plate. 

It's just so hard to be skinny.

(and have an eating disorder.)

Judgement.  I judged.  And continued to make my oatmeal.  And ate 100% of it.

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