Friday, July 19, 2013

The Terrible Two's?

Maybe they waited until 4 days before your birthday to show up?  Or maybe these are the tenacious three's?  And you're just really advanced?

But, Griffin, cut me a stinkin' break.  The refusing to go to bed.  The figuring out how to remove a baby door knob.  The screaming.  Crying.  Poopy, potty, tissue.  SCREAMING.  Shaking the baby gate (and probably your fists.)  The throwing shiz against your door.  Has.  Got.  To.  Stop.

I am not my best mommy when these things happen.  In fact, I have no idea what to do.  Or the best way to react.  I end up losing patience.  Then I feel bad.  Then I lose patience again because YOU ARE STILL EFFING SCREAMING OUTSIDE OF YOUR BROTHERS ROOM.  Or you wake up before everyone and start screaming again.

W.  t.  f.

So we are going to try a reward chart.  Which I think will work for possibly 2 days.  Which will be enough to let you make it to your third birthday. 

So... way to close out the year, buddy.  You're cute and 95% sweet.  5% demon. 



Elizabeth said...

#1. You are not alone.
#2. We have done reward charts off and on and they have worked beautifully for as much as a month or more. Can't hurt to try it!!
[FWIW, someone told me I should let C help make her own reward chart, so after I made the first one, she got to "help." This never worked. She enjoyed the creation, but ended up with something she wasn't that interested in looking at... just FYI.]

Heidi Bruch said...

Welcome to three. I sh$t you not. But when they err cute, they are reeeeeeeallly cute.

Vickie said...

Ha! I know better. g$ doesn't do any of these things. :)

CDS said...

HOw's the chart thing working? C is getting cray too...

A.B. said...

@Elizabeth... thank you SO MUCH for the vote of confidence and telling me I'm not alone. THere is safety in numbers. FOR SURE.

@heidi... I mean, can we lock them in a room together?

@Vickie... you are delusional.

@Ceci. Complete failure. He has 3 stars... after like a million attempts.