Friday, February 26, 2010

the Black plague

So, as you have figured out (mostly because you know me) my last name is Black--hence the Black baby references that never get old for anyone. You should hear the name suggestions from friends and family.

Anywho, I also am a hypochondriac when it comes to illnesses. I always claim to have something extreme. It's part of my charming personality. I find it only fitting that I have gotten a cold from my FIL (father in law) and have now claimed to have the Black plague. It's a play on words people--keep up.

I thought it was related to the dust from cleaning out closets/tubs from the garage. Turns out no. I felt pretty miserable and had a fever yesterday afternoon. Laid around, ate chicken strips and fries, took some tylenol, watched the olympics and felt MUCH better. (probs the chicken strips instead of the tylenol.) Then I took a full ambien (usually take half--yes, I can take this) so I could sleep through my not being able to breathe.

Worked. Like. A. Charm! I didn't wake up feeling like complete crap--only marginal crap. Bonus. However, I just sat through a retirement meeting and am now pretty sure that 1. It was boring. 2. It reconfirmed that I need to save 80 bagillion dollars because we will have no social security 3. I have fever again.

Dear Black Plague,

I'm glad that I haven't lost any limbs to you, but I'd appreciate feeling better as it is Friday.




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Feel better soon!