Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Discussion topics.

I had The. Best. Massage. Ever. Yesterday. (Other than all of the other ones I've ever had with Kate at the Austin Bodyworker.) Turns out, whatever is my most recent massage will likely be my favorite. However, I am quite particular when it comes to such things and seriously, if you live in Austin, visit Austin, or need a reason to visit Austin--this is one of your must stops. I do not want someone to gently massage me. I also do not want it to be so painful that I cannot breathe. I also do not want someone to have learned their techniques from youtube. Kate is none of these. She is perfectionary genius (and mentioned she reads my blog which makes me love her more--that's my narcissism.) Also, you don't have to listen to waterfalls or elevator music. There is normal calming real life music. Ps. Ah-mazing. And now I'm sore, but still... way better.

Other discussion--fake teeth on our pairs ice skaters. Seriously, blond American and blond Canadian both have gigantically large teeth. This is coming from a self professed large toothed girl (I call them horse teeth--mine, not theirs. Theirs I call Chiclets.) I can only imagine that their teeths are fakesies. And, if I were them, I would be contacting my dental personnel because they did not do a good job. If you cannot comfortably close your mouth because of your Chiclets--it's time to go smaller. I do have one friend who says "fake" things are not fake, simply enhanced... that's not related to teeth, though.

I had my 16 week appointment on Friday! It took all of 15 minutes and I got to hear the heartbeat and that's about it. I think I mentioned this? Maybe I'll post a picture when I do my 17 week one, too. Tbd. I also considered the risks and sadness of being a single mom last night when the husband was snoring like a mo'fo. Then I had a dream that he would be proud of (ish)--very action oriented--including me riding a bike, driving a really old jeep, and a motorcycle. We were making a get away and I was able to use my extreme athleticism to not get my arse kicked (there were only 3 ladies trying to beat me up but I made it to the safety lawn--olly olly oxen free.) Ben, however was beat up continually for 2 days and it made me very sad. Then I decided I must love him even through the snoring and therefore will keep him at least one additional night.

Also, after having my loverly massage yesterday I dusted, swept, swiffer wet jetted, generally cleaned AND did laundry. This should off set my 3 bowls of honeynut cheerios I had for breakfast, right?

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Meg said...

Gotta love those pregnancy dreams....they're CRAZY!!!! And yes, cleaning or any kind offsets food consumption...hello...cleaning is a calorie burning activity!
Also, jealous of your massage....very very very very very very very jealous.