Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's like...

you think that it's Thursday all day, but it's actually Monday.

So Texas is experiencing some weather. I say this because it annoys the crap out of the BBlack. Everyone has weather and it's a stupid statement to try and say you are having bad weather. Anywho... I checked the weather before getting out of bed this morning (as I do every morning) followed by checking my email to make sure work has been cancelled. I see that it is SNOWING and suppose to accumulate like 1-3 inches. Snowing. Snowing. Snowing. ALL DAY! Then I'm perplexed by our work not being cancelled (because we don't know how to drive when it's snowy, icy, wet etc.)

I get to work. Slightly annoyed and it dawns on me... Maybe I should make sure that my "location" for weather was set to Austin and not Dallas (because I changed it last weekend when we went for my nephew's bday.) Ummm... DANG! Totally wrong city. So now I'm disappointed because what do we have? Temperature in the 30's and 100% chance of rain all day. Um, gross.

What I WAS going to blog about today was this... I may continue to buy maternity clothing when I'm no longer maternity-ish--and no, I'm not talking about elastic pants. Tank tops. So I've worn one 2x now and every time I put them on I'm amazed at their length--LOVE IT--and that they are not cut straight up and down. This is helpful as I have curves and am not a 13 year old boy. I totally thought that they would be huge, but no. It's apparently just a normal fit that will grow. I do not hope to grow after having this Black baby, but a tank top that is longer, I don't have to pull down all of the time, and is cut for a real life person? Sign me up.

I'm 4 months (or 16 weeks in pregnancy talk!) I have my appointment tomorrow where I will attempt to con them into giving me a sonogram to determine what gender Lola will be!


Mrs.Preppy said...

Maternity tanks are fab. I need more.

SpeasHill said...

I might or might not still wear maternity clothes. It's actually the pants that I can't wear b/c they are big in the hips and thighs (possibly attributable to the lack of a 3rd trimester). But I definitely still rock out the tops (and shorts). In fact, I may go put one on right now.

Elizabeth said...

I totally still wear some of my maternity tops, especially long sleeve t's and camisoles. Only ones I've EVER found that are long enough. How crazy is that?