Tuesday, May 11, 2010

About me.

Someone asked me if the "about me" section still rang true. I think... yes.

I am still 30--and will be a 30 SOMETHING for years to come.

I still pursue life. I mean, hell, I went into a strip club to potty. Now if that isn't life? I'm not sure what is. My first thought was to pee in the parking garage, but thought "Now that's just not classy."

Love-I love love. Or something corny like that.

The perfect pair of jeans--This is a constant. CONSTANT. I love jeans. I like to find them and love them. I can't wear them to work except once a week, but I NEED them. I also don't go home and put them on after work. I'm more of a come home, immediately take off my clothes and undergarments and replace with tshirt and pj pants kind of girl. HOT. I know, I mean, could I sound more attractive? Still. I love them. I looked at some last night and considered purchasing... then instinct and reason kicked and and I knew I didn't need them--even if they were an amazing deal and looked amazing on the size 0 non-preggo mannequin.

Makeup--I could easily say skincare products. Sephora is my mecca. If only my bagillions had started rolling in. I did forgo all fancy face washes and moisturizer for quite some time, but have been revisiting the Philosophy line. I just bought their newest moisturizer--Miracle Worker. It feels like a dreamy cloud being rubbed all over my face. Or... liquidy whipped cream. Whichever you prefer. (I have also bought their oxygen peel and purity face wash.)

Philanthropy--I'd love to save the world.

Wine and cheese--yes please.

I guess I could change this last part--I'm no longer really running to eat. I'm more casually strolling and blaming growing a baby on my massive food intake. I think people are scared to question those who are "in the family way."

I'd love to cure cancer. I can't wait to get back into training with TNT. I've already got my first 1/2 marathon on the calendar! It's basically going to be torture to get things back in gear after this event. Like... terrible. I can only imagine. That, and I really like the color purple and so I'm happy to wear that in my pursuit of the cure.

And... that's that. I could probably add something about a crazy need for new couches, but that may just be going overboard. Oh, or the fact that we need a new larger bed. I mean, probably not necessary to state... but there it is. We NEED it and not in the way that I need jeans. We need it in a way in which I may lose sanity without. Well, I think I may even prioritize new couches over the bed. It's touch and go ya'll. Touch. And. Go.


Ro Magnolia said...

I loved your story about going into a strip club to find the washroom. Could just picture in my mind a wedding party, including pregnant you, and what the "patrons" must have been thinking. :D You definitely sound like someone who is pursuing life!

Chasity said...

My husband always makes fun of me - saying that I must try every bathroom, everywhere we go - and I'm not even preggers. But, when you gotta go, you gotta go!

I do the exact same thing as you. I CANNOT where the same clothes around the house that I have worn all day. I come in and if I'm not going back out - I change into a tank top and PJ pants. This may seem a bit odd since I get off work at 3pm ... but oh well, love my jammies.

I also love skin care products. I use Renee Rouleau. She is local here in the Dallas/Plano area - but has a cool website for sales as well. Her night time moisturizing cream is heavenly. Just love it.

Chasity said...

Ok, I mis-spelled "where" - should be wear ... that's one of my pet peeves, can't believe I did that!

Deana said...

You're always the classiest girl at the strip club bathroom.

A.B. said...

true dat, deana. true dat.