Thursday, July 15, 2010

38 weeks

and according to babycenter the size of a leek. This is stupid because that isn't a set size. So, he's the size of... a 6 pack of diet coke? Maybe? Like 6 ish pounds. I actually LOST 3 lbs this week. This probably isn't technical either. It's just water weight. It makes my fingers and my toes fat. Hence, the old lady flip flops! And, I have no "progress" towards the baby having. Oh well. I have time and ice cream that needs to be eaten.

Last night Ben and I went out for a "date night" at Sandra Bullock's restaurant, Bess. It was tasty and he let me eat most of the dessert. True love. He also gave me some beautiful earrings in exchange for the baby. Kidding. They are my "push" present :) Ok, maybe THAT is true love. They are in my ears or I'd post a picture.

We also got our new bed on Monday evening. It's HUGE. It's like being on vacay. We are both still used to sleeping on the edges of the bed so there's tons of room between us when I wake up in the mornings. Am I sleeping better? Eh? Probably not. I think I will though. I did sleep basically all the way through the night on Monday.

And, this weekend my parents are bringing the cradle and bumpers my mom made (Can't wait to see them!) ANNNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDDDDDD our glider and his name sign are supposed to be in. Fingers crossed for that because then, life would seem complete :)

We went to see the Bodies exhibit yesterday. Fascinating. I don't think dead people should have mustaches. It's weird.

Up 30 lbs. YIKES.


Brooke said...

Looking good chica. Looking real good. Sorry about the sleep issues, things will change once your little one arrives...NOT! Whoa. (Doing a ''cleanse'', haven't had FOOD in two days, sorta on edge. Excuse me.)

Deb said...

I know I don't comment often, but I LOVE reading your posts, and especially seeing your weekly pic updates. You are absolutely stunning pregnant! You always look amazing! Can't wait for you to finally meet your little man!