Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Le Tired.

I am le tired. tired tired tired.

I think it's partially to do with growing another human and partially to do with our tiny bed. What? I haven't told you about our tiny bed? I kid. I kid. It's a constant source of my anger management.

So, while on hold trying to defer my student loans for while I have no income I went to mattress firms website. It then told me that the full size mattress that we have is tiny. Too small for 2 people to sleep in.

(To be fair--my parents purchased it for me my senior year of college when I was a lonely sleeper.)

It actually said that for 2 people each person has the same amount of room as if they had a crib mattress. The word CRIB MATTRESS was used. Y'all, I carried one of those up a flight of stairs like last month. I guess it was lighter since it doesn't yet have a dead person inside of it.

(Please note past post about dead people hanging out in mattresses. I would link it, but I'm tired.)

I can't sleep with my husband. I decided this last night. There isn't enough space. I can't move. When I can't move it makes me in pain. So I suppose for the next 3 weeks one of us will sleep in the guest room. Kinda sad. Well, more than kinda.

In other news--our kid better be a genius who goes to a state school and gets a scholarship. He isn't going to private school. Ever.


CDS said...

I sleep in a Queen and feel like I have no room...we upgraded to this size only about 5 years ago---when you get a new bed, go KING KING KING...that's what we are doing when we move. Sleep well my love.

As for public school...trust me my SMU and Bank Street bill pain me on a monthly basis!...and will for years.

Carol said...

Use the guest room. I do. Boys are hot and sweaty and take up too much room (both your husband and the baby!)

A.B. said...

The hubs is using the guest room :) It's hotter up there and I'm currently sleeping with 3 fans.

Ceci, I feel your pains. All of them. The only thing about King is that we would need ALLLLLLL new bedding. Which, then again, doesn't sound so awful :)

Meg said...

Do you know that by the time our boys go to college, supposedly 4 years at a public school will cost somehting like $150,000. Im currently working on Cinco's football and baseball skills....kid needs a sport scholorship or SOMETHING!