Wednesday, July 21, 2010

OH Bethenny

So, one of my new fave shows is Bethenny Getting Married. She is a real house wife of NY... though I'm confused by that since she just got married. I haven't watched that one, I'm more of a RHWONJ kind of girl. I have seen the NY one a couple of times, but I by no means know history. Note: Please do not give me the history as I do not care that much at this point.

So Bethenny gets married at 7.5 months preggo and goes on her honeymoon where she wears tiny bathing suits, is adorably tan, and swims nakers in her private pool. These things don't concern me as much as the fact that she still has ribs at 7.5 months pregnant. How is that possible? I certainly don't have ribs now, and I'm thinking I didn't at that point either. I also laughed outloud when she was like... Um, soooooooo when do kids start like, walking and talking? Which one comes first? Oh, ps. I've never changed a diaper. I think she takes a class in the next one. I also enjoyed that she had her hubs wax her stomach. Waxing is an essential in my life. I got my final bikini wax yesterday. Yes, I'm still wearing a bikini because I really don't see how I would fit into a one piece in any sort of comfortable manner--ESPECIALLY when I need to use the facilities every 2.5 seconds. Plus, I can't see anything below my belly button so, as far as I know, my legs are very svelt and amazing.

I also laughed outloud when she realized that she REALLY wanted a girl (laughed because I could relate. Yes, judge me for this. I know I'm having a boy, I still like girl things.) Anyway, she was like I know I know... I won't care as long as it has 10 fingers and 10 toes and is healthy... and has a vagina.

I'm due in one week. ONE week. Crazy. I don't think he's coming then, but maybe.


EMAAC said...

They still let you get a wax?! I got one at 8 months and was borderline, had contractions the entire time and didn't do well. They said if I had waited any longer they wouldn't have done it. Maybe b/c it was my 3rd. Either way, you go girl. Keep the area clean for the gyno. :)

CDS said...

I can't find a bikini that will fit my tetons! How did you do that??!! I would have prefered to have been in a bikini...ANYHOW...I know what you mean about Bethenny...LOVE the show...but I am 24 weeks and look like she did on her honeymoon NOW! ...OMG!

Happy last week my friend...I have what? 16 more to go?