Saturday, April 30, 2011


So I went to return some items today only to find that the ENTIRE STORE was 40% off. As I was by myself and have zero self control I did some shopping. I tried on a million (maybe 10) things. I tried on one shirt I desperately wanted to be cute at least 5x with different things. Alas, simply not cute. I also tried on (and purchased) a pair of boyfriend jeans.

Friends. Let me confess... I have a jeans problem. I love them. Passionately and with my whole heart. I love them. I will search and search until I find the right ones. I would wear them most days if I could. Yes, even in the middle of summer in Texas. Give me a pair of jeans and I will sweat my face off in them. Other confession--I do not look amazing in skinny pants. I'm too curvy. These boyfriend jeans, though, they looked kind of cute. I walked out and a non-sales girl said "Wow! Those are cute!" Sales girl then chimed in, "They make you look tiny." Sold. I'm really easy. And a sucker. And they run really big so they were a 2. Which, lets be honest, if I can get my fat arse and thighs into anything that says it's a 2 I'm probably going to buy it. I'm just saying that my ego is that fragile. There was a girl looking for a double 0 in something--which I still hold is not a real size.

Fear not... I also bought a pair of pants that were double digits. And maybe a shirt. And maybe a pair of shorts.

I shouldn't be allowed to leave the house.


CDS said...

The last time I was a 2 was....never. :)

Carol said...

Agree with CDS above, I was never a size two. I think I went from being like a kids size to a size 10, then settled into a 12, then a 14 - then briefly a 16 after the babies and now am working back towards 12. Double digits are for grown ups. Single digits? I cannot fathom.