Thursday, October 14, 2010

I like it raw.

I started doing some laundry last night and found wet clothes on top of the dryer last night. I asked Ben if he did that. He said no, it must have been the laundry gnomes or someone broke into our house and was deliberately trying to mess with my laundering.

I have no memory of putting the wet clothes on top of the dryer.

We were in the midst of cooking dinner and B had marinated up some okra to grill (which is absolutely delish, btw.) Anyway, I see them, (the okra's... which is what I thought Oprah's name was in 1986,) there and he's outside manning the grill. I eat one and it's cold. He comes inside and I alert him to this fact... apparently it's because they haven't been cooked. Another fact I failed to notice.

Luckily, I go back to work next week so people are going to be depending on me. It will be like a fun surprise for them.

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CDS said...

I can't believe you are already going back to work! wow!