Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What do you do?

Like... what's your job?

I read a lot of your blogs, but don't really know what your professional life is, where you are across the US, etc... lets get some background on you peoples.

I am 30 (going to be 31 in one week-ish). I met my husband and started dating him my senior year of high school. Fear not, we didn't get married then. He's a year younger than I am. We went to separate colleges. I graduated with a degree in psych, sociology and religious studies. My parents asked what I was going to do with that... my response... ummmmmmmmm?? So I moved home and painted my room bright yellow. Then I went to grad school and left them to deal with the room about 1.5 months later.

The first time I went to GA was when my mom and I went to find me an apartment. I moved to Georgia by myself, found the 2nd love of my life (Gizmo), and found and relished in the glory of living by myself. I got my MDiv at Emory University in 2005. I got married in Jan of 2005. We moved back to Texas in 2007. I thought that's what I wanted, and I did, but I seriously miss GA. A lot. We're still 3 hours from home, but way easier than being 13. This drive doesn't even include the directions of get on I-20 and drive through Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas. Turn right on 287 and you're home. Now I get on 35 head north and exit LEFT onto 287. Huge difference.

Before all of that I grew up in a small town, lived down the street from my grand parents and aunt and uncle, with my parents and my sister. My favorite thing is church camp (both from growing up and directing it now), I have a severe love for eating and working out. I loved gymnastics and cheer leading and would totally pay to see NKOTB right now.

Now I work with Methodist clergy across the state of Texas. It's truly an amazing job. We had a baby in July, I'm ready to move closer to family. I have a desire to own a clothing boutique called the A-List (hence the title of the blog) where we sell absolutely cute things that are under $100 (except jeans.)

I don't understand mean-ness. I don't get why people are mean to others. I have a love of sarcasm that is my language of love. When I'm uncomfortable, I laugh. When I'm awkward I realize it and usually become more so. I'm a marketers dream. You tell me your shampoo will make my hair curly, I'll try it. Make my skin smooth, let me buy it. I believe mascara makes you dramatic and glamorous. If in doubt, put on more. I have an obsession with eye brows, but don't use hairspray.

These are small glimpses of me.


Helen Hopkins said...

Have I told you lately you are wonderful and amazing? I also think more mascara makes you glamorous...until I go to the restroom at work and see where the black has rubbed off on my fatty eyelids? Sad commentary on an old face.

jill said...

professional life? can't say i have one besides being mommy...and that doesn't pay much, but the benefits are great. i'm a former second grade teacher turned wife/mommy in 2008/9. i am lucky enough to stay home with my son and in early march, will be popping out his sister. we live in a small town in the middle of iowa. we don't live an adventurous life, but it's a good life. i wouldn't have it any other way.
i enjoy reading your blog-it makes my day when i see that A-List has a new post.

CDS said...

AB- I loved loved loved this entry. I will never forget meeting you and "boyfriend ben"...so cute then, so cute now...and now the two of you made a super cute baby. I think you know what I do when I am not painting, blogging and baking a baby. I love my museum work...and have been at it since we were in college, so I've been in the field for about 13 years now...but I feel like I could have been a stylist or buyer... xo

Brooke said...

I work for Basketball Travelers, a for profit organization that runs college basketball tournaments and tours all over the world. My job title is Tournament Director which means I'm bossy. I had Cannon 15 months ago and went back to work 3 months ago, twice a week. I do what I did pre-Cannon, which means my company is probably thinking, "We paid her too much to do a job she could do part-time? Sweet.". That's my professional life. We live in Seattle, across from the zoo which is fitting because sometimes I think I belong in there. There's also a nursing home within shouting distance and I sometimes think I also belong in there. I'm 31, soon-to-be 32. I have the most annoying and stubborn single hair that grows between my eyes. I tweeze at it constantly thus forming a gorgeous perma-scab. I live in a craftsman and now crave an uber modern space. Typical right? I run to eat (duh). I was obessesed with dressing business causal in HS. I met my husband playing basketball. Please reference the movie, Love & Basketball. I tend to overshare my body parts when drinking wine (I'm a closet flasher). I am 6'0" but since having Cannon I have developed an awkward hunch/slouch and probably look about 5'9".

A.B. said...

@Brooke- I have a friend who gave me something once that said "Drinks well with others." It's true. I'll work flashing people into my schedule.
@CDS-Stylist, yes please. In college I thought you were super fancy and way beyond my silly freshman league. I hearted you.
@mom... I understand fat eyelids. I blame you for letting me have gigantic eye brows in high school, but other than that I love you.

Courtneytcu98 said...

I forgot to tell you that I made my first official tv infomercial purchase last weekend. The 'ahh-bra.' I think you'll be jealous. . . but that remains to be seen.

P.S. eyebrows--one word.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I love this. What part of Georgia are you from? I'm in Savannah. It's way too hot here.

So funny that you say sarcasm is your language of love. That's what I always tell my family! And I too laugh when I'm uncomfortable and at really inappropriate times, like at funerals. oops.