Monday, October 25, 2010

Sleep deprivation is funny.

SO I thought that pregnancy brain was bad... apparently sleep deprivation brain also bad. bad bad bad.

This morning I went to take Griffin to daycare and drove up and thought... that's weird. Her door looks different. I guess she took the stuff down. Odd that her door is closed. Then I rang the doorbell... and a guy without a shirt came to the door. Ps. It was the wrong house. Her house still looks the same. You just have to be standing in front of it to know that.

And, FYI. I'm 31 as of yesterday. I didn't have this guy with me last year.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Same old place... same old comments.

So today was my first day back, and G's first day of school. My day back went better than his day, I think. I did remarkably well. I haven't cried today AND my mom sent me flowers to work. Kind of awesome. Griffin, however, slept a grand total of 45 minutes while he was gone. I'm hoping this changes when he gets used to the mass chaos of other kids. I hope.

So at work it was sweet to have everyone come and say hi, be excited I'm back, tell me that they know how it feels. That helps. Then this happens...

Girl comes in and says hi, asks how Griffin is bla bla bla

Me: Wow, you're super skinny! (she's lost like 20 lbs)
Her: Thanks! You used to be. You will be again.

Things you never say to anyone. Ever. Even if I was the same weight I was when I gave birth you say, "wow, you look great."

At least it gives me good fodder for blog posts. AND, our first day of "school" photog.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Why do people say stupid things?

Tubby Tuesday (or emotional train wreck Tuesday) is going to be postponed for Tubby Wednesday... or wobbly wednesday? Or woefully starved wednesday? (though I'm not starved hence the weight gain.) Something like that. I forgot to weigh myself this morning and I'm pretty sure I've lost nothing, if not gained weight since last week. Damn you Halloween and my inability to have self control.

Anyway, so this weekend G and I accompanied Ben to the beer festival. It was a BEAUTIFUL day and we wanted to head outdoors and what better reason than drinking beer out of tiny cups? It made me feel like I was indulging because I had multiple 2 ounce servings...and a hot dog.

So we're standing chatting with some friends and a lady comes up with her baby and says, "ahh, how old is he?"
Me: 3 months this week. How old is yours?
her: 8 months
her: Wow, don't those things scare you?
(he was in his carseat/stroller combo with a monkey wubbanub)
Me: No?
her: They make me think of SIDS. I never want anything around my baby's face.
Me: Um... he only has it in the car seat. When I'm driving I can reach back and find it.
Her: well they just freak me out.
Me: ahhh your baby has a full out mohawk.

I mean, obvi the thing doesn't scare me if I'm GIVING it to him. It's not like he found a dime on the floor and is eating it.

Why do people say things like that? It makes me be southernly tacky. I should have just added "bless her heart." Granted, my baby has a mohawk, but less hair so it's cuter.

And I'll leave you with this... (with a lovely teething blanket made by our lovely friend Jeannie!)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

step one

have a baby.

Step 2. Go to the pumpkin patch.

Step 3. Go to the beer festival.

We've done all of those things... two of them yesterday.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I like it raw.

I started doing some laundry last night and found wet clothes on top of the dryer last night. I asked Ben if he did that. He said no, it must have been the laundry gnomes or someone broke into our house and was deliberately trying to mess with my laundering.

I have no memory of putting the wet clothes on top of the dryer.

We were in the midst of cooking dinner and B had marinated up some okra to grill (which is absolutely delish, btw.) Anyway, I see them, (the okra's... which is what I thought Oprah's name was in 1986,) there and he's outside manning the grill. I eat one and it's cold. He comes inside and I alert him to this fact... apparently it's because they haven't been cooked. Another fact I failed to notice.

Luckily, I go back to work next week so people are going to be depending on me. It will be like a fun surprise for them.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'm in a new space.

I just became FB friends with a blogger friend. Worlds are colliding. Granted, we have a mutual friend, but still. I'm pretty sure this moves each of us a step closer to becoming famous (on the interwebs for things other than flashing, ahem, Brit brit...)

Other events of the day--

I flipped eggs! I was making some sunny side up eggs (though not really as runny yolk makes me want to gag. As does the word "yolk".) Anyway, I was making two eggs which were clearly morphed into super egg, and I did the fancy flip in the air. Then I did a fancy dance in my kitchen by myself. Then I burned toast. That's what happens when you get a little sure of yourself. Smiting.

I also showered. So I showered AND ate lunch AND put on some real, non elastic pants. It's kind of a big day.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What do you do?

Like... what's your job?

I read a lot of your blogs, but don't really know what your professional life is, where you are across the US, etc... lets get some background on you peoples.

I am 30 (going to be 31 in one week-ish). I met my husband and started dating him my senior year of high school. Fear not, we didn't get married then. He's a year younger than I am. We went to separate colleges. I graduated with a degree in psych, sociology and religious studies. My parents asked what I was going to do with that... my response... ummmmmmmmm?? So I moved home and painted my room bright yellow. Then I went to grad school and left them to deal with the room about 1.5 months later.

The first time I went to GA was when my mom and I went to find me an apartment. I moved to Georgia by myself, found the 2nd love of my life (Gizmo), and found and relished in the glory of living by myself. I got my MDiv at Emory University in 2005. I got married in Jan of 2005. We moved back to Texas in 2007. I thought that's what I wanted, and I did, but I seriously miss GA. A lot. We're still 3 hours from home, but way easier than being 13. This drive doesn't even include the directions of get on I-20 and drive through Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas. Turn right on 287 and you're home. Now I get on 35 head north and exit LEFT onto 287. Huge difference.

Before all of that I grew up in a small town, lived down the street from my grand parents and aunt and uncle, with my parents and my sister. My favorite thing is church camp (both from growing up and directing it now), I have a severe love for eating and working out. I loved gymnastics and cheer leading and would totally pay to see NKOTB right now.

Now I work with Methodist clergy across the state of Texas. It's truly an amazing job. We had a baby in July, I'm ready to move closer to family. I have a desire to own a clothing boutique called the A-List (hence the title of the blog) where we sell absolutely cute things that are under $100 (except jeans.)

I don't understand mean-ness. I don't get why people are mean to others. I have a love of sarcasm that is my language of love. When I'm uncomfortable, I laugh. When I'm awkward I realize it and usually become more so. I'm a marketers dream. You tell me your shampoo will make my hair curly, I'll try it. Make my skin smooth, let me buy it. I believe mascara makes you dramatic and glamorous. If in doubt, put on more. I have an obsession with eye brows, but don't use hairspray.

These are small glimpses of me.

collars up.

I didn't go with the smocked... instead we have this little number for homecoming. Did I mention it's my bday weekend that weekend? Crazy. This year has gone by really quickly. I attribute that to the new small person living in my house.

I'm having a glass of vino to reflect up on that right now.... at 2pm... on a Tuesday. Does this count as a "lady who lunches" scenario? Or sad? Because I'm about to put together a jumperoo?

Tubby Tuesday

SO in all of that thinking about working out, I actually lost weight! PS. I have yet to work out. Still have some sore muscles...

I have lost 6.6 lbs (again, note this weight is taken early in the morning pre-diet coke.) I'm back in my pre-pregnancy weight class which was still higher than I intended it to be so I have a way to go. I'd like to lose at least 10 more lbs... more like 15. I guess I'm not going to make my 30 lb weight loss goal by next weekend.

Here's the thing, I think that even if I lose weight my body is still going to be squishy (until I start working out.) Who knew? I've had pudge before, but not flab. I'm in the flabsville category, currently. I mean, totally worth it. He's adorable.

So this week I will attempt to work out again. I think.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Welcome to the dark side.

1. We bought Halloween Candy... you know, for the kids. Every bag has now been opened.
2. Jcrew. It tried to eat my soul and made me deeply desire a new wardrobe. Unfortch, I must have access to my bazoombas so it severly limits my purchasing.
3. I went dark. My roots were like, old lady bad. They were grey and brown and narsty. They have now been fixed and I'm maybe a little darker than natural.
4. I judged a girl at the hair salon. She was talking about La-Lo and how she "hates" her. I said, I thought she was sad. She then said, and I quote, "I mean, I don't like want her to die or anything because like, that would be really sad." I also overheard her explaining the Kardashians to her hair guy. Awesome.

And now... not at all darkside, but amazingly cute...
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Friday, October 8, 2010


SO I've subscribed to like... a lot of places online and every morning I have about a zillion emails that I don't read and delete immediately. The truth is, just because you send me an email about your sale, I'm probably not going to buy anything. I'm a researcher. I buy things when I'm ready and I will find the best price (unless it's something I can buy locally. Buy local when you can!)

So I've begun unsubscribing. I feel a little guilty about one of them--the "pink ribbon" updates. I'm sure my name went on a list. It isn't the official SGK website, it's one that sells things I'm not going to buy--like a pin, a hat, a bag etc. I'm a bad person. I've been dealing with it through pizza and diet coke today.

Things I'm keeping--babysteals, zulily, ecobaby buys, amazon baby... and some other things I can't recall jcrew.

Another blog I read talked about how she had watched the video of her baby laughing 3x at work. Is it sad that I watch videos of my baby when he's in the SAME HOUSE and napping? Does that equal obsession? Am I a smother? like when Joan Cusack was on L&A SVU?

(Seriously, go look at her adorable little one.)

Have I mentioned that my nephew's name is Elliott? As in Stabler? Or Elliott off of Scrubs. I can't decide. I'm fascinated with both. I'm sad that Scrubs jumped the shark.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Some call it CSA

I call it HFB (hippy food box.)

It's kind of awesome. One, it means I don't really have to go to the grocery store (except for meats.) Ok. perhaps that is the only point I need to make. However, I even have a SECOND point. It supports local farmers. Third, it's seasonal veggies which makes us branch out in what we cook. This week is the best so far--swiss chard, kale, sweet potatoes, okra, eggplant (grossville), radishes (narsty, husband burps), cucumbers, zucchini, yellow squash, onions, peppers, butternut squash.

We get LOTS o sweet potatoes. I kind of love them. They'll also be awesome when I start making baby food.

For my lunches next week--my last week off--I plan on making a veggie soup. If you do WW it's like crazy low points, you can make it zero, but I'm adding meat and probably some rice or orzo. I make it up but the main tomato juice is V8 regular and spicy and some water. Sometimes I add some fire roasted tomatoes and then whatever vegetables I want sometimes some carbs and sometimes not. I'll try to remember to take a photog of the steps, but lets be honest, I'll probably forget. Mama brain is about as bad as baby brain.

When does brain functioning return? When they're 18?

Operation fatty pants is still an epic fail. Last night I had 2 servings of peach cobbler. It was from central market, though... does organic count as good points? And, can you please note the size of that sweet potato? The one that's the same size as the butternut?? SERIOUSLY.

I said it was the size of a giants heart. Ben didn't think that was very technical. I knew exactly what I was talking about. Medical schools will probably be calling me soon.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

watcha watchin?

So I claim to not watch much tv... I guess I say that because I don't have the tv on unless I'm watchin' some of my stories. Here is what I've got going on... anything I'm missing? Now that I have it all down I notice that my crap tv is totally lacking. Oh, and we also watch NCIS, but I'm not sure when that is on.

Sunday--Brothers and Sisters (I'm totally behind. I deleted like 3 episodes at the end of last season and watched last weeks premier. I have no clue what is happening.)


Lie to Me

Flipping Out

Law and Order SVU
Modern Family

30 Rock
The Office

Southern Critique

So, I love a smocked item. A lot. I'm on the search for the perfect adorable little outfit for the Gman for homecoming. I've found the adorable little options below. The problem is, that though I love smocked items (especially for girls!) I worry that the boy ones are tooooo girlie. My friend told me that because G is so young that it isn't a problem. I'm not sure. I think it's mostly tied to the peter pan collar? I think the one below I'd put with a little white polo instead of the peter pan. OR... there is the baby one below that. The only reason I'd lean towards it is because G-money is one sweaty kid. He gets HOT. I've also found some more generic options that are blue and I could get monogrammed or that I could get his name on instead of smu.

So, what are your thoughts? Too girlie?

Tubby Tuesday

I was fearful of how this weigh in would go. Last week I went to stay at my parents house and therefore ate all kinds of comfort food (not so much healthy) like almost an entire box of nilla wafers. I mean, give me a break, it was over the span of a few days that I indulged in the tasty cookies.

So I went to weigh this morning and I have neither lost nor gained any lbs. It must have been all of that time I spent THINKING about working out and how I should eat better that lead me to this plateau. Then again, I just checked my chic fil a bag to see if I missed a french fry.

So I'm back on the train. I don't think I'm going to make my 30 lb weight loss by Oct. 23 as I had scheduled. You win some you lose some... and by some, apparently I meant 2 pounds.