Thursday, April 14, 2011

coming out of hiding

So I've removed my "pre-baby" clothes from the garage--again. The first time, at 3 weeks post baby, I decided after trying on 2 pairs of pants that it wasn't a good idea and banished them outside. (At that point, I may have said they would stay there forever.) Then I've basically been wearing the same thing for the last 9 months. What's the saying 9 months on and 9 months off? Nope, 9 months on, 10 months off? maybe? I mean, some people claim pregnancy is 10 months. I'm sticking with that.

It's kind of exciting to have a "new" wardrobe. I mean, as exciting as it can be to have a new wardrobe that's made for someone else's body.... that used to be your body. Perhaps I shouldn't have had 8 slices of bread for lunch? And contemplate a glass of wine at 3. (some of those statements are exaggerations. At least one of them.)

Did anyone else's shirts become too short? Did anyone used to wear a size small and now think that size is COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS? Who wears a small I ask you? Not this nursing mom. I mean, surely my bazooms aren't THAT big that they made all of my shirts shorter (and my ass bigger.)

Can you believe he's almost 9 months? NEXT WEEK! I bought a dress for the occasion. Ok, maybe it's for Easter. Impeccable timing. I think I should probably get some highlights to celebrate, too. (That one's totally for Griffin.) The dress is a fab little number that is in my olden days size. Score. That's part of the reason I bought it. That and I can get a new necklace to rock (and maybe some shoes.)

This weekend I'm headed home to have a shower for my seestor. Baby Brooke-Brooke (as Elliott calls her) is due May 15! I can't wait to see all of the girl items! Please let there be a tutu. Please let there be a tutu.


Heidi Bruch said...

Biggest pet peeve ever. Learned to buy long shirts post-baby #1. Why is everything so short?! I think my back got bigger or something. Wait until you stop nursing and you put your pre-baby bras back on. It is a sad, sad day. But worth it!;)

Lowie said...

My shirts were too short and too tight in the front but not back. My jeans also fit differently, like I somehow got longer in the hip region?

(Take in mind, I am still losing the 100 pounds of baby weight that isn't baby weight anymore)

And yes, post-nursing go get a bra fitting again. Somehow I went down a cup size? No clue

Miss Mixie said...

Oh my goodness, you are amazing. The last two lines of this post made me smile so hard, and it's been a bad day, too.

Meg said...

Three cheers to a new wardrobe...with that wine you opened at...3o'clock. Hey, I'm impressed you made it that long. Strength I tell you. Serious strength. And the whole shrinking shirt thing...WTF. Have Charles Darwin explain that one!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

Girl I think my back got really, really wide. I don't know what that's about. It's wider than my hips!!

PaTtY said...
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PaTtY said...

Confession: Sometimes I see those cute pink tutus and wish I had a baby just to dress them up in one.