Monday, April 18, 2011

Do I say, "Thank you?"

I had a baby with this man. On purpose. Ben did the warrior dash this weekend. His ironic eyebrows make me giggle.

Just call me Emily Post. I love some rules. So I went to purchase something this weekend and my card got rejected. Weird I thought, but sometimes things get de-magnetized. Ben said he had the same problem. Odd. he called this morning. Someone has stolen our CC#. In California. They have bought new furniture, gone to a hotel, and rented a red box movie (and some other things I can't remember.) I mean, I want to go to a hotel. I want to go to California. I want new furniture. However, these are not in the cards (pun, what what? I'm so clever) for us currently. Though, thankfully, when they rented that redbox movie, they only kept it for one night.

Thank you?

Now some family pics. These are from my sisters shower (more to come). Thankfully, there WAS a tutu.


Shameful his grandparents don't love him.

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