Monday, April 11, 2011

Sleep ninja

So I had this posted all crafted in my head about how sweet and smart my baby is. When I picked him up today and we were saying bye to Frances and Jenny he waved. He WAVED for the first time on purpose! SO we came home, he ate and passed out as is our usual ritual. Then he slept for 20 minutes before the inconsolable screaming began.

Screaming. Screaming. Mom went and tried to rock. Screaming. Change diaper. Screaming. Singing. Rocking. Swaying. Screaming.

Now sleep. Sweet sweet occasionally elusive sleep.

Next on my plans is to video him waving. You know how that will go, though right? Me saying "bye bye" 85 times and him staring all cutely at me.

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Perfectly Imperfect said...

Yay G!!! You're growing up so fast!!!