Tuesday, April 12, 2011

You can't have him.

When I adopted Gizmo the lady didn't want me to have him. I followed him on petfinder. I needed that dog! She named him Danny. Seriously? He's clearly a Gizmo... Or maybe stewie. Whatevs. She didn't trust that I was 25 and in grad school so she called my dad. Ridiculous. One blood transfusion later and I'm pretty sure I passed.

Even though he stole my first trip to Italy. Which, you know, I didn't go on because two weeks in dog ICU are expensive... And the visiting hours are limited.

I think I've gone downhill. Poor dog.


Deana said...

Oh, Giz. It's a rough life.

CDS said...

That looks like LOADS of FUN!

Meg said...

A Gizmo for shiz. Duh ralph.