Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mom of the year?

Probably. Someone should nominate me. How do you get nominated for that? I'm not entirely sure but I'll probably win.

My child is HARD to put a diaper on. "I have things to do, moooommmm." (all drawn out teenager style.) He's on the move. We could placate him with toys. Hey hey look at this. But, since you know he's smarty pants, he's over that. However, we still have to change his diaper at least once a day (kidding, y'all) and we need to entertain him.

New fave? Advil bottle. I want to chew on it. I want to love it. I want to shake it around.

Who lets him? Mamamamamama.

He's super funny. Great personality. I'm basically in love. Ok, I'm in love and constantly tell him how handsome he is (also tell the Giz this.) They have about the same amount of teeth. One smells dramatically better than the other.

Um, I attempted to make a wreath for my sisters shower (baby Brooklyn is due SOOOOOOOON) and lets just say... I should stick with the decoupaging. (eh loosy?) Michael's had some awesome bedazzled fake flowers (take a moment and take that in) and I assumed hobby lobby would to. Wrong. My flower choices made things look a little "country". I also found myself humming along to some elevator praise music. Then there was an emergency poo sitch. That required prayer.

And finally.... omg. I can't cut and paste pictures. It's causing some distress.


Loosy said...

You have my vote for MOTY.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

My child sucks on the tylenol bottle. And sometimes the butt cream. Don't care. It keeps her still.

Want to know another secret? I hate changing diapers. Like loathe because I knew I'll basically have to break a sweat. Gah.